Welcome to Mars Ascend, humans to Mars and beyond. As the human race presses on in it’s journey to reach the stars human presence on worlds other than Earth will become a reality.

With any luck in the next decade humans will step foot on the planet Mars and likely begin to colonize. The scientific discoveries and knowledge derived from missions to Mars will richly inform new generations of space explorers while significantly impacting technology and life here on Earth.

Of equal importance are the societal implications of becoming a multi-planet species. Special consideration for the psychological, economic, political, philosophical and religious/spiritual impacts should be carefully considered.

Becoming a multi-planet species also creates opportunities for closer study of social systems which have worked well on Earth and those which have not. It represents an opportunity to export the very best examples Earth has to offer and start anew while asking the hard questions about who we are and who we want to become.

Mars Ascend is a place for the public to engage in the idea of traveling to and living on the planet Mars and becoming a multi-planet species.

Onward and Upward,
Mike Turney
August 11, 2016

Mike Turney is an amateur astronomer, space enthusiast and life long learner.